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Dornier Aries "Focus Inteligence" technology

German "Donier Medthech" shockwave therapy device is for application in the spheres of special orthopedics and neurology. "Donier Aries" device with "Focus Inteligence" technology creates so-called "therapeutic passageway", of 70mm depth and 10mm width from tissue surface, for deep and secure influence on the tissues of the organism, without collateral influence of cavitation, which significantly expands the spheres of device application, providing an opportunity to work near the pulmonary tissue, large blood vessels and  neural stems. "Focus Intelligence" gives the opportunity to most effectively diagnose and medicate the trigger point, as well as it is absolutely not inferior to its competitors in areas of other pathology treatment.
The mobile system of shockwave therapy:
The principle of shockwave`s formatting  –electromagnetic:
The type of focusing  – Focus Intelligence the first system which focusing zone begins from contact surface.
"Focus Intelligence" in practice – formerly there was an opinion that the focal point of shockwaves should be of possibly small and very loud energetic density. It has been assumed that the tissues, bones or hardened segments should be extinguished under shockwave influence similarly to the kidney stones. But subsequently it became clear that the problem is not the abrasion of tissue`s structure, but the induction of neurobiochemical processes of other cells. 
The depth of therapy influence of "Focus Intelligence":
Examples of required depth of therapy influence by simple choice of energetic level. In any specific case the final effective depth depends on the density of the tissue. The precepts for shockwave therapy are:
  1. Myositis
  2. Osteochondrosis
  3. Tendinitis
  4. Bursitis
  5. Trochanteritis
  6. Achillitis
  7. Trophyc woonds
  8. Peyronie`s desease
  9. Gonarthrosis
  10. Plantar fasciitis
  11. Heel spur
  12. Podagra /gout/
  13. Epicondylitis
BTL-5000- Combined therapy Electrotherapy Ultrasound (1-3m) Laser therapy (infrared, red, combined) Magnetotherapy BTL-6000 – Shortwave therapy It is used for rehabilitation, neurology, orthopedics, sports medicine, vellness therapy, skin treatment, gastroenterology, gynecology, stomatology, pulmonology, urology, proctology.


Extracorporeal shockwave therapy
1 Field 10.000
2 Fields 15.000
3 and more fields 20.000
Ultrasound therapy(1 prosedure) 3.000
Phonophoresis(1 prosedure) 3.000
Sinusoidal waveform 3000
Diadinamotherapy 3000
Electrophoresis 3000
Galvanization 3000
Electrostimulation 3000
Electra sleeping 4000
Transcranial electroanalgesia 4000
Magnetotherapy 3000
Laser therapy 3000
Laser therapy (Klaster) 5000
Diatermia 5000
Shortwave therapy 3000
Tecar therapy 10000

For foreign citizens the prices are doubled