Address: Buzand str. 7-10, Yerevan, Armenia   E-mail:   Phone։ +(374 10) 569 925, 569 915
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About us

The “Sirmed” outpatient and diagnostic medical center has operated since February 26, 2014, and specializes in laboratory and diagnostic examinations and treatment, as well as aesthetic medical services. The center employs modern automatic control and management systems. Patients are received in comfortable renovated rooms equipped with disposable medical supplies. Highly qualified medical professionals provide broad range of services in accordance with international standards. The center also includes a pharmacy and buffet. We employ exclusively state-of-the-art equipment from leading Swiss, German, French, American and Japanese manufacturers:
  • clinical diagnostics /Roche/, PCR (polymer chain reaction) /Rotor gene Q./ and bacteriological laboratory automation equipments /Vitek 2/;
  • spine decompression: Exten Trac Elite-M3D unique device in the region;
  • cardiology diagnostic equipment with vital organs physiological indicators of real-time remote monitoring newest Zephyr Life system;
  • 3D/4D digitization TOSHIBA Aplio 500 ultrasound system;
  • Dornier Aries device: extracorporeal shock-wave therapy;
  • BTL-5000- Combination therapy (Electrotherapy, Ultrasound /1 and 3 megaherz/ Lazer therapy /infrared, red, combination/ Magnet therapy);
  • BTL-6000- Shortwave diatermia.
The center provides the following services:
  • clinical, biochemical, immunological, serological, cytological, polymer chain reaction (PCR), microbial laboratory analysis;
  • laser therapy;
  • plastic surgery;
  • ultrasound examinations;
  • ophthalmological examinations;
  • ear, nose, throat examinations;
  • obstetrics and gynecological examinations;
  • urological examinations;
  • andrological examinations;
  • dermatological examinations;
  • therapeutic examinations;
  • neurological examinations;
  • cardiological examinations;
  • gastroenterological examinations;
  • rheumatologic examinations;
  • endocrinological examination;
  • kinezitherapeutics;
  • physiotherapeutic;
  • cosmetology.
The center has also "SIRMED" YOUR PRIVATE DOCTOR mobile application, which helps you to address the questions of your interest directly to the doctors.