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Kinesitherapy services

Extentrac Elite is a modern multifunctional, non-surgical device, which provides treatment of spinal diseases, applying the full spectrum of experience and knowledge in its field. It combines the advantages of various methods of physical therapy, manual therapy, therapeutic exercise and spinal decompression. “Extentrac Elite” is particularly suited for treatment of:
  • Excessive and lasting spinal pain
  • Intervertebral disk protrusion, disk hernia and other degenerative spinal disorders
  • Treatment of various types of osteochondrosis, and extravertebral complications
  • Spinal immobility and inflexibility
  • All persons exposed to the process of prevention and treatment note of revitalizing and rejuvenating effects.
The device is equipped with specialized software, which enables us to design a personalized treatment program. Applies to a particular person for a pre-designed program, without professional intervention, as well as expert guidance, taking into account the patient’s current feelings. “Extentrac Elite” equipment is a scientifically proven alternative to surgical treatment of spine disorders. The comprehensive treatment process may consist of 10-20 procedures, each lasting 20 minutes. Our kinesitherapy service conducts a detailed examination of the musculoskeletal system, which includes an assessment of posture, joints, ligaments, muscles and the foot. Based on this assessment, we form a diagnosis, a design a treatment plan, and provide a consultation.

Price list

Service Price
Extentrac Elite therapy 14000 1 procedure
Posture assessment and advice 10000
Treatment of posture disorders 8000 1 procedure
Spine disorders diagnostic and advice 10000
Treatment of Spine disease 8000 1 procedure
Feet assessment and advice 10000
Treatment of feet disorders 6000 1 procedure
Treatment of musculo-skeletal system diseases (joints, bones, muscles) 8000 1 procedure
Consultation of invited as a professional (cosultant)


For foreign citizens the prices are doubled